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A little bit of Fondness is All we need!

We all like being loved, but do we love others back?

Ⓒ Image by Unsplash

Ⓒ Image by Unsplash

However, despite the fact that we all place various weightings on love's meaning, the real value of the emotion has not been altered in any way, and it will continue to be understood in the same way that it has always been. "LOVE"

Every day, our minds are responsible for anywhere between 60,000 and 80,000 different contemplations. That amounts to a typical range of 2,500-3,300 contemplations in one hour. Isn't it a wonderful thing to hear? Despite this, eighty percent of our considerations are unfavourable.

The final 20% is comprised of whatever is left over. That does not imply that everything is horrible or that we are being unkind. It's possible that we're too busy, or that we have something else that's just as important to attend to right now. As a result, there are times when we really miss someone, but that other may not miss us at all, and moving on means accepting that.

If you want to know how much genuine love you have inside of you, look at the number of genuine people who are in your life and who will always be there for you when you need them or stand by you in any of your difficult situations. However, keep in mind that this way of thinking is a two-way street; before you look at others, you should first examine yourself to see how frequently you have been there for anyone else when they were going through a difficult time.


There are 8 types of Love:

  • Heartfelt, romantic, energetic love - Love of the body. This sort of affection delineates physical allure, actual craving towards others, and an absence of control

  • Loving affection

  • Sacrificial or all-inclusive love

  • Recognizable love - Love of the Child

  • Fanatical love

  • Self-esteem

  • Persevering through affection - Long-enduring Love

  • Fun-loving Love

Have all of the aforementioned occurrences been witnessed by the complete group? Some may not have done so, while others may have had only a brief experience with a couple and may be willing to acknowledge everything that is wonderful; this is the essential form of love that is necessary.

Consider for a moment the idea that we may bring each of these qualities into harmony inside our own hearts and minds, and then start putting them to use in our interactions with other people in our day-to-day lives. Can anybody offer an explanation as to why the majority of us hold the belief that we should be treated pleasantly, the majority of us require that everyone should regard us and our respect, and yet the majority of us fail on it in regards to ourselves, whether purposefully or unconsciously?

The Golden Rule states that you should treat people in the same manner in which you would like to be treated.

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It's possible that in some religions it's considered a form of correspondence ethics, but in our culture we generally expect that all of this should be followed simply by other people, and we believe that it's perfectly fine for us to slightly overlook these guidelines when it's our chance to show love, dedication, and regard for other people.

Imagine for a moment and take into account the likelihood that everyone will start thinking in the same way. Wouldn't you say that people will start losing trust in one another, there will be a huge hole of understanding between people, there will be no trust, everybody will live for their own-self, there will be no unwavering quality, childishness will unpremeditated, wherever you look, you will see people who are miserable, people who are experiencing in their own dysphoria, there will be no culture, and each difficult work would go to no end.

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Take a look at the situation right now: these cruel traits are as of now already present everywhere and they are spreading; this negative affinity will keep on being wild in our general public until each and every one of us doesn't decide on the best way to union and find some kind of harmony between our feelings, sober mindedness, and conduct by maintaining an equivalent harmony between each of these types of love; we should simply, be straightforward in everything that we do; this is the only way to stop it from spreading.


When we begin doing or pursuing these routines on a consistent basis, we will naturally change that 80% of our negative considerations into positive considerations, while possibly not somewhere around 50% of our considerations ought to be streaming emphatically, which will ultimately change the fondness, which is the best need of great importance in our general public and world.

"There is a lot of Fondness within you naturally, all you need to do is align, allocate and implement."

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