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After a man in Maharashtra posted pictures of glass shards in his pizza, Domino's responded.

A Twitter user named AK (@kolluri_arun) posted photos of pieces of glass in a pizza he ordered through Zomato from a place in Mumbai's Mira Road.


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A Twitter user named AK (@kolluri_arun) posted pictures of the glass shards in the pizza and wrote, "2 to 3 pieces of glass found in @dominos india." This says a lot about the quality of the global brand food we get @dominos @jagograhakjago @fssaiindia

Not sure if I will ever order from Domino's again @MumbaiPolice @TimesofIndia".

Arun Kolluri, the customer, raised concerns about the safety of the food that was being offered at the pizza shop as well as the possibility that it may have posed a threat to his life.

He said that he found the "glass bits" in a pizza that he had purchased online from Domino's; however, neither the Domino's location nor the delivery date were specified.

When one kicks back and enjoys a delectable snack, the last thing on their mind is the possibility that it may contain anything harmful. Recently, a man in the Indian state of Maharashtra was left speechless after discovering shards of glass embedded in the pizza that he had purchased from a well-known chain of quick-service restaurants.

Have a look at this tweet:

When someone on Twitter questioned the user whether there was any chance that the pizza box had been tampered with, he responded that the box was sealed and that he had bought the pizza using the Zomato platform, which is an online marketplace for the delivery of food. Zomato sent the following message in response to the tweet: “Hi Arun, this shouldn’t have happened. We are looking into this and will get back to you ASAP.”

The Mumbai police department was also aware of the situation and offered the following comment: "Please write to customer care first." You have the option of pursuing legal action in the event that they do not respond or provide a response that is unsatisfactory.

In response to questions about the incident from the business news website Moneycontrol, a representative from Domino's stated the following about the company's actions: "As a responsible brand, we immediately contacted the customer upon receiving the concern to ascertain the facts of the matter through various channels of communication." The restaurant in issue was also subjected to a comprehensive examination by our quality team, who concluded that the inspection did not uncover any irregularities. In both the kitchen and the operational area, we have a firm policy that prohibits the use of glass.

NOTE: In the month of August, a person on Twitter tagged Domino's Pizza and tweeted a picture that appeared to show a broom and a toilet brush hanging above the pizza dough at a retail location. At the time, the tweet received a great deal of backlash from people who used Twitter and brought up concerns on the sanitation procedures used in restaurants. Have a look at this tweet:

Domino's Pizza, a multinational chain of pizza restaurants, came under fire when a Twitter user tweeted an image that appeared to show a broom and a toilet brush dangling over pizza dough and coming dangerously close to making contact with it.

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A user on Twitter by the name of Sahil Karnany, who identified himself as a graduate of an information technology programme, uploaded the photo and video and added the following caption: "This is how @dominos india gives us fresh Pizza! I feel utterly repulsed. "Bangalore" is the location.

According to his account, the business in question was located in the city proper on Hosa Road.

Domino's Pizza published a fresh statement in response to the photo after it went viral and a Tamil Twitter user also uploaded it. The statement said, "Domino's adheres to world-class practises for guaranteeing the highest standards of sanitation and food safety."

An event that took place at one of our businesses was brought to our attention not too long ago. We want to make it clear that this is not an ongoing problem, and we have taken the most severe action possible against the establishment in issue. The pizza restaurant company continued by saying, "Please be advised that we have absolutely no tolerance for any infractions of our stringent safety requirements."

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