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Bank Holidays 2023

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Bank holidays are days that banks and other financial institutions are required by law to be closed. These holidays are established by governments or regulatory authorities to mark special occasions, religious or cultural events, or national celebrations. Bank holidays can be different from one country to the next and even in different parts of the same country.

Here is a list of the Indian bank holidays that are likely to happen in 2023. Please be informed that these holidays can change and may be different depending on the Indian state or region:

  1. January 1: New Year's Day (Sunday)

  2. January 26: Republic Day (Thursday)

  3. February 21: Maha Shivaratri (Tuesday)

  4. March 13: Holi (Monday)

  5. April 1: Annual Closing of Banks (Saturday)

  6. April 4: Ram Navami (Tuesday)

  7. April 14: Good Friday (Friday)

  8. April 29: Buddha Purnima (Saturday)

  9. June 15: Eid al-Fitr (Thursday) - Subject to sighting of the moon

  10. August 15: Independence Day (Tuesday)

  11. August 25: Ganesh Chaturthi (Friday)

  12. September 2: Bakrid/Eid al-Adha (Saturday) - Subject to sighting of the moon

  13. October 2: Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti (Monday)

  14. October 19: Dussehra (Thursday)

  15. November 1: Diwali (Wednesday)

  16. November 4: Guru Nanak Jayanti (Saturday)

  17. December 2: Milad-un-Nabi (Saturday) - Subject to sighting of the moon

  18. December 25: Christmas Day (Monday)

Please note that this is not a complete list. There may be other holidays that are only celebrated in certain states or regions of India. For the most accurate and up-to-date information about bank holidays in your part of India, you should check with your local bank or look at official government sources.

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