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FOCUS ON YOUR GOALS and have faith in your ability to achieve them.

When you do anything, you take the victory. The point of living is to achieve the things you set out to do. For their own well-being, everyone requires

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Nobody likes a mediocre existence. No one enjoys the experience of being obliged to settle for mediocrity.

For an individual, success is having a nice house, taking trips, trying out new things, being financially stable, and providing for one's children. To be successful is to be held in high esteem by one's peers in one's chosen fields of business and public life.

When you accomplish anything, it opens up doors for you; it means you no longer have to rely on other people to get you through difficult times. Confidence, a never-ending pursuit of more true joy and fulfilment in life, and the means to provide for those who rely on you—these are the hallmarks of success.

If you embrace this and mean it, you will be able to move mountains. However, only a small percentage of the population truly believes they have such power. As a result, practically no one does this.

You've probably heard the comment, "It's nonsense to assume you can make a mountain walk away by saying 'Mountain, move away,'" at some point in your life. It's beyond the realm of possibility.

Anyone holding such a view is either credulous or living in a dream world, depending on how you look at it. And if you're being real enough, you won't be able to move mountains with your wishes. You can't just wish your way into a position of authority. You also couldn't just wish your way into the major league income bracket or a mansion with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. You can't just wish your way into a managerial role.

However, if you have enough faith, you can move mountains. Success is yours for the taking if you're willing to believe in your own abilities. In spite of its seeming ferocity, the belief isn't really compelling or fascinating.

A conviction operates in this way. Confidence, the "I am sure I can" attitude, generates the strength, knowledge, and energy necessary to do the task at hand. When you believe that "I can do it," "how to achieve it" emerges.

Young people all throughout the country are starting new jobs every day. All of them "wish" that they might experience the glory of reaching the pinnacle of their field on occasion. However, most of today's youth just lack the conviction necessary to get to the top. They too fail to reach the peak. They assume it's challenging to climb the corporate ladder, so they don't put in the effort to discover the tools that can help them achieve amazing levels of success. Their behaviour does not deviate from that of a "normal" person.

However, very few of these young people have faith that they would be successful. They go about their business with an attitude of "I'm going to the top." And they get there, full of confidence that they can rule the world. Recognizing their potential for achievement and the realistic possibility of their having picked up on the leaders' methods of operation.

Consider your mind to be a "thought processing plant." It's like a well-oiled machine that cranks out many possibilities every day. There are two foremen in charge of production at your concept factory; we'll name one Mr. Triumph and the other Mr. Defeat. In other words, Mr. Victory is in charge of gathering up all the happy thoughts. Why you can, why you are qualified, and why you will succeed are the kinds of things he spends his time arguing for in his line of business.

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Mr. Defeat, the other foreman, always has bleak thoughts. He is an expert at coming up with excuses for why you can't do anything, why you're not strong enough, or why you're unable. His area of expertise is the sequence of reasons why you will fail.

Neither Mr. Victory nor Mr. Defeat is playing around when it comes to their commitment to their wives. They give it instant thought. If you want to get either foreman's attention, all you have to do is mentally give the slightest beck and call. If the omen is good, Mr. Triumph will go out on his own and get to work. In a similar vein, a negative symbol will call forth Mr. Defeat.


Try this model out to get a sense of the dynamic between the two foremen. Believe it when you tell yourself, "Today is a dreadful day." That draws Mr. Defeat right in, and he points up a few facts to prove your point. He warns you that the temperature is too high or low, that business will be bad today, that sales will fall, that others around you will be worried, that you may get sick, and that your partner will be in a particularly good mood. Mr. Defeat has incredible skill. His pitch is so compelling that it just takes a few seconds to buy it. Today is a terrible day. Amazingly, a terrible day has arrived in a flash.

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To summon Mr. Triumph, though, you need just tell yourself, "Today is a beautiful day." To you, he proclaims, "Today is a fantastic day." The refreshing weather is perfect for getting outside and doing things. Feels good to be a living, breathing human being. You can catch up on some of your work today. After that, you can consider the day to have been rather good.

Only the most astute of us will be able to think our way forward, turning opportunities that might otherwise go to waste into financial gain.

To enter, simply stroll in. The path forward is more open now than at any moment in recent memory. Signify to the world right now that you intend to join the small percentage of people who are satisfied with their lives.

“Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.” – Napoleon Hill.

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