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Height At Death

© Image Source - Unsplash

© Image Source - Unsplash

One who, at the time of their death, fixes his life breath between his eyebrows and pulls inward in the process of remembering God will undoubtedly achieve liberation.

In the same way that a student studies a topic for four or five years before taking the final exam and earning a degree in it, the same is true for the subject of life: if we prepare throughout our lives for the examination that occurs at the moment of our deaths, and if we are successful in passing that examination, we are transported to a world that exists beyond this one. At this very moment, our whole lives are being scrutinised through the lens of death.

There is a proverb in Bengali that states whatever that an individual does for the purpose of perfecting it will be tested at the time of the individual's death.

Even while throughout life the eyes are preoccupied with viewing ordinary beauty, after death one must detach their faculties from their bodies in order to glimpse the greatness that lies inside. Also, the ears have been accustomed to hearing the innumerable noises that are there in the outside, but at the moment of one's passing, it is imperative that they hear themselves from the inside.

In the event that we are residing in a loft at the time, and the landowner demands that we move out, we will not be sad in the event that we move into a more upscale condo. Due to the fact that we are long-lasting, we have a propensity to require an exceptionally long-lasting residence. Because humans are, in fact, here for the long haul, we have no intention of going the way of the dinosaurs. We also have no desire to age or get ill because, in most cases, these are states that are just temporary or temporary additions to a person's life.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for us to have an understanding of the concept behind our established stance, which is that we require eternity, comprehensive information, and pleasure as well. When we are alone ourselves for an extended period of time, we are unable to experience joy because we cannot recognise the delight that the world has given us.

The Heavens That Extend Beyond the Universe

We are unable to calculate the size of the cosmos, but the Vedas inform us that there are a great many worlds included inside the entirety of creation, and that beyond these universes there is an additional "sky" that is extremely vast.

There, each and every one of the planets is eternal, and the existences of the myriad of animals that may be found on each planet are also eternal. The persons who are capable of divining reality have come to the conclusion that there is no persistence associated with the nonexistent, and that there is no suspension associated with the existing. These seers have concluded their work by centering their attention on the concept of both.


The opportunity to receive this assistance comes with the human kind of life, and it is the responsibility of the state, as well as of parents, teachers, and security guards, to lift those people who have been granted this human type of life to achieve the perfection that is possible in their lives.

The only progress being made is in the areas of eating, relaxing, mating, and fighting like a madhouse. We have a responsibility to make effective use of this human form of existence.

If a guy were to fall into the water, the most likely outcome would be for another person to rescue him. If someone were to come along and pull him a few more feet out of the water, he would begin to feel significantly better in a short amount of time. Simply put, supposing that we are freed from the vastness of birth and death in some way or another by decontaminating our consciousness, we are almost immediately feeling better.

What God is, what the material and the deep worlds are, the reason we are adapted, how we might escape that moulding, and everything else that there is to know is discovered through a series of step-by-step endeavours.

The procedure of being found guilty and having one's identity revealed is not something that is foreign to us. On a regular basis, we put our faith in something that we know for a fact will be disproved at some point in the future. There is a possibility that we may purchase a pass that will allow us to travel to India; if we do so, we can be certain that we will be transported there. What are the advantages of paying cash rather than using a credit card to purchase a ticket? We don't just hand the money out to anyone asks for it. Since both the organisation and the aircraft have been given the green light, confidence may be restored.

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If we lack confidence, it will be impossible for us to continue on the path that most people take through life. The confidence that we ought to have, but it ought to be faith in something which is authorised. The fact that we acknowledge something perceived rather than having an uneducated religion is more accurate.

This goal is emphasised in all of the sacred books of the world's religions. This is the message that each and every rigorous reformer and acarya has been spreading as well. Under the Western world, for example, this teaching was disseminated in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Buddha and Mohammed are also mentioned here. Nobody pushes us to make this earth our home and establish a colony that will last for an exceptionally long time here.

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There might be some minor differences according to country, time, and circumstance as well as according to the scriptural directive, but the basic principle is that we are not intended for this material world but rather for the otherworldly world, and this is something that is acknowledged by all genuine visionaries. The worlds in which God was born and died in the past are the focus of all of the signals that point to the satisfaction of the spirit's most insatiable desires.

"It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die."
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