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Delhi Police Confirm Aaftab's Attempt To Mislead In The Shraddha Murder Case

A murder in Delhi shook the nation. Aaftab Amin Poonawalla killed his live-in partner Shraddha Vikas Walker and disposed of her body over 18 days. Aaftab's arrest.

A murder investigation that took place in Delhi sent shockwaves throughout the country. A guy named Aaftab Amin Poonawalla is accused of murdering his live-in partner, Shraddha Vikas Walker, and chopping her corpse up into 35 parts, which he then scattered throughout the national capital over the course of 18 days. Aaftab has been placed under arrest.

Here are some further examples of Aaftab making contradictory statements:

18 November 2022, 22:41 Indi Standard Time: Getting rid of the dead body

Three days ago: threw body parts in parks(Delhi).

Now: threw bodily parts towards the direction of Dehradun

Mobile phone angle

Two days ago: Threw Shraddha's mobile phone in Delhi

Now: Sold Shraddha's mobile phone on OLX

The aspect of having a fit of fury

Three days ago: In a moment of wrath, I took the life of Shraddha

Now: A planned act of murder 1 week ago

The slaughtering

Two days ago: Killed due to a dispute over some household goods 

Now: While under the influence of alcohol, killed Shraddha

Reason for murdering

Four days ago: Since Shraddha put pressure on Aaftab to get married.

Now: Shraddha wanted Aaftab to leave in the year 2020.

18 November 2022, 22:41 IST:

The Delhi Police have given an update on the murder case of Shraddha, in which her live-in partner Aaftab has been arrested. Here's the whole story:

The missing Mumbai woman, whose live-in partner Aftab Amin Poonawala is said to have strangled and killed her in the Chhatarpur area of PS Mehrauli, Delhi, is being looked into in the most professional way possible.

On November 9, 2022, a team of Mumbai Police showed up at Police Station Mehrauli and gave Delhi Police documents about a woman named "A" who had gone missing. These documents were kept at PS Manikpur in Mumbai. According to the investigation that the Mumbai Police were doing at the time, "A" was staying with "Aftab Amin" at Chhatarpur Pahadi, PS Mehrauli, and was missing.

The father of "A" said that she had been living with "Aaftab Amin Poonawala," from West Mumbai, in a live-in relationship for three years, and that Aaftab Amin Poonawala had a history of being violent.

On the basis of this, FIR No. 659/2022, dated November 10, 2022, under Section 365 of the Indian Penal Code was filed at PS Mehrauli, New Delhi, and an investigation was started.

During the investigation, Aftab Amin Poonawala was found, taken into custody, and questioned. At first, he tried to trick the interrogators by saying that "A" had broken up with him and left the place where they lived together.

It was also said that he had already talked to the Maharashtra Police in Mumbai about this matter and told them the same things.

Unconvinced, he was put through scientific, long-term interrogation and cross-questioning. In the end, he admitted to killing "A." In more detail, he said that he had been living with "A" in Delhi since May 2022 and had strangled her to death on May 18, 2022. After that, he cut the body into pieces and slowly got rid of them over a period of time.

The accused was arrested on November 12, 1922, and put in police custody for five days. On November 17, 2022, those five days were extended for another five days.

So far, the Crime Team and experts from FSL, Rohini, have carefully looked at the place of the crime, which was a rented house in Chattarpur, Mehrauli. Several things have been taken from the place. As a result of the leaks, different combing operations have been done in different places, such as some forest areas, where broken bones have been found.

For a DNA test to make sure that the bones belong to "A," blood samples from "A's" father and brother have been taken.

Digital devices taken from the scene of the crime have also been sent for forensic data retrieval to see if they contain any evidence that could be used against the person.

Because of how dishonest the accused's answers have been so far, a request was made to give him a drug test, which the Hon'ble Court agreed to after giving it some thought. The same will happen at the right time.

Each thing the accused says is put through the crucible of what can be used as evidence. Multiple teams are camping out in the field to figure out what the accused and "A" did together in their lives. Similarly, multiple teams are searching for the missing skeleton parts. Several teams from different fields are working around the clock to gather evidence, find differences, and improve the versions and reasons given by the accused.

At this point, it's too early to come up with a single theory that can stand up to judicial scrutiny. Instead, the best professionals of the Delhi Police are conducting an open-minded, open-ended investigation.

18 November 2022, 20:52 IST:

Aaftab has no third-degree punishments.

A court in Delhi tells police that they can't use any third degree measures against Aaftab Amin Poonawala.

18 November 2022, 20:39 IST:

Aaftab was taken to the apartment where he used to live with Shraddha so that the crime scene could be re-created. In the early hours of Thursday, Delhi police took Aaftab Poonawalla, who is accused of killing his live-in partner Shraddha Walker, to their rented flat in Chattarpur to recreate the crime scene.

18 November 2022, 19:52 IST:

Two people's words were written down: Delhi Police

In the murder case, the police in Delhi said that they have taken statements from two people. The first one was Shraddha's friend Laxman Nadar, who knew a lot about how she was with Aaftab. Second, the person who rented an apartment to the couple in Vasai.

On November 18, 2022, at 19:10 IST, a copy of the Narco order was accessed:

Shraddha called a doctor on November 18, 2022, at 15:49 IST, and the doctor says something shocking: "She wanted to talk about anti-depressants."

In 2020, Shraddha went to see a doctor, who told her that he had asked her to come to his hospital for a proper evaluation and consultation, but she didn't come.

Doctor Pranav Kabra told Republic Media Network in an exclusive interview, "Shraddha has never come to see me in my consultation room. She called me because she was having problems in her life and wanted to talk to me about them. I told her she should come to my hospital. But she didn't come. Shraddha called me for advice because she lived close to my hospital.

Shraddha's EXPLOSIVE WhatsApp chat at 15:20 IST on November 18, 2022: "No energy after the beating; need him to move out"

Republic TV has shocking new information about the murder of Shraddha Walkar. In the explosive WhatsApp chat, Shraddha and her ex-manager from November 2020 talk about how she was "beaten" the day before, which caused her blood pressure to drop and made her so tired that she couldn't even get up. She talks about how she needs to talk to "his parents" and make sure he moves out.

18 November 2022, 14:57 IST:

Delhi police are trying to get Aaftab and Shraddha's chats back: report

Official sources from the Delhi police's technical investigation cell told ANI that the police are trying to get Aaftab's chats with Shraddha and others during the time of the crime.

A report from ANI said that the police could also ask for the accused's social networking and messaging apps to share chat details. A letter will also be sent to telecom operators to find out where Shraddha and Aaftab's cell phones were before and after May 18 (the day the murder happened), the report said.

18 November 2022, 13:05 IST:

Aaftab says that he was drunk on the day he killed: Sources

According to the sources in Delhi police, during interrogation, Aaftab told police that he is a drug addict. Notably, the matter of smoking marijuana is also coming to the fore, for which both used to argue often.

During questioning, Aaftab said that he was high on marijuana even on the day of the murder (May 18), sources said.

18 November 2022, 12:18 IST:

Police find a black polythene bag

During a search in Gurugram on Friday, the Delhi police found a black polythene bag. According to the sources, the recovery is linked to Shraddha's body parts.

12:11 IST, November 18th 2022:

Delhi police team arrives in Vasai

A team of 5 police officers from Delhi has come to Vasai to find more evidence and record the statements of people who knew both Shraddha and the person who killed her, Aaftab.

18 November 2022, 11:55 IST:

Was Aaftab mean to Shraddha for years? Shocking image of 2020 reveals bruises on her face

Republic TV has accessed the picture and report of Shraddha which dates back to December 2020. In the image, bruises are seen on Shraddha’s face, indicating that she was assaulted.

18 November 2022, 11:10 IST: Exclusive photos of police search operations in the Shraddha murder case

As the Delhi police widened their investigation into the murder of Shraddha, exclusive footage from the Mehrauli forest area shows police searching the area where the body parts of the victim may have been dumped by the killer, Aaftab.

At 10:26 IST on November 18, 2022, a police team from Delhi arrives in the Mehrauli Forest area, which expands the investigation.

The Delhi police have been searching the Mehrauli forest for clues about the murder of Shraddha for the past few days. On Friday, they went back to the forest to widen their investigation and keep searching. Notably, the forest area of Mehrauli is being looked for because, according to Aaftab, that is where he put Shraddha's body parts over time.

18 November 2022, 9:39 IST:

Several pieces of evidence were found at Aaftab's house: An officer of the court

In an interview with Republic TV, a forensic officer who is part of the team gathering evidence in the Shraddha murder case said that a lot of evidence has been gathered from the home of the killer, Aaftab, in Delhi. "We went to Aaftab's house to look around.

We gathered all the proof we could find there and gave it to the police... We gave the police some things we found in the jungle (Mehrauli forest). The police will send these items to our labs so that DNA tests can be done on them. And then we'll give a report about it, "SK Gupta, who is a forensic officer, told Republic. He also said that the narco test will help find out what is really going on.

18 November 2022, 8:21 IST:

A BJP MLA asks Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to change state laws to make punishments harsher.

Rajeshwar Singh, an MLA for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, sent a letter to CM Yogi Adityanath about the brutal murder of Shraddha in Delhi by her live-in partner Aaftab. In the letter, he talked about the crime and asked Adityanath to change the state laws that deal with horrible crimes. Singh also said that "love jihad" should be punished more harshly.

November 18, 2022, at 7:40 IST, the police will take Aaftab to his old job in Gurugram.

Sources say that Aaftab, who is accused of killing his live-in partner Shraddha, will be taken by police to the office in Gurugram where he used to work. People can also ask his boss and coworkers questions.

17 November 2022, 20:54 IST:

Aaftab admitted that he erased information from Shraddha's phone before selling it: Police sources

Sources from the Delhi Police say that Aftab told them during questioning that he erased all the information on Shraddha's phone before selling it on an online marketplace. Even this idea, police sources say, came from the internet.

Aaftab said he killed Shraddha at 20:14 IST on November 17, 2022: Police sources

Sources from the Delhi Police said that Aaftab admitted to strangling Shraddha and then cutting her body into 35 pieces. He also said that he burned her face so that even if the parts he threw away in the Mehrauli forest were found, it would be hard to figure out who she was.

At 19:52 IST on November 17, 2022, police teams were put together to look into the murder of Shraddha.

Sources from the Delhi Police say that nine teams have been put together to look into the murder of Shraddha, for which Aaftab Poonawala is suspected.

17 November 2022, 19:34 IST:

"For Aaftab, Delhi was not a new city."

Republic heard from sources in the Police that the officials had found out that Aaftab had been to Delhi before. A friend of both Aaftab and Shraddha brought him to this city. The person who is male is being looked into.

17 November 2022, 19:05 IST:

Bala Nandgaonkar of the MNS wants Aaftab, who is accused of killing Shradha, to be killed on the spot.

Bala Nandgaonkar, who speaks for the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, says that Aftab, who is accused of killing Shraddha, should be killed "on the spot."

17 November 2022, 18:40 IST:

"Not Just Shraddha...": All of India comes together for justice

"This hasn't happened to Shraddha, but it's happened to a lot of other girls. To set the right example, Aaftab needs to be punished in a strict way. We'll keep protesting until our needs are met, "said a woman who took part in the Hindu Ekta Manch-led candle march.

Hindu Ekta Manch plans a candle march for Shraddha on November 17, 2022, at 18:31 IST.

Members of Hindu Ekta Manch held signs and candles and said that Aaftab Poonawalla, who is accused of killing Shraddha Walker, should be punished harshly.

17 November 2022, 18:09 IST:

Law Min talks about crimes against women in the wake of the death of Shraddha.

Kiren Rijiju, the Union Minister for Law and Justice, talked about the rise in crimes against women in the country while the investigation into the murder of Shraddha in the national capital by her live-in partner Aaftab was still going on. Rijiju also said that after bringing the Criminal Amendment Bill to Parliament, the Centre had asked all of the state governments and High Courts to set up more fast-track courts across the country so that people could get justice quickly.

17 November 2022, 17:56 IST:

The police will take Aaftab to his office in Gurugram: Sources say that Aaftab, who is accused of killing his live-in partner Shraddha, will be taken by police to the office in Gurugram where he used to work. People can also ask their boss and coworkers questions.

17 November 2022, 17:32 IST:

Tauqeer Raza Khan says that live-in relationships are to blame for crimes like the murder of Shraddha.

As the investigation into how Aaftab killed Shraddha goes on, a cleric named Tauqeer Raza Khan said something that caused a lot of debate. Khan told the media, "It would be very embarrassing if a Hindu or Muslim girl moved in with a man in front of our house." Indian culture does not include live-in relationships.

He said that murder was caused by live-in relationships and that "our culture does not allow live-in relationships." We should think about our Indian culture and the things it has taught us. What's the message we're sending to our kids?"

17 November 2022, 16:59 IST: A meeting of police officials will come up with a plan to solve the murder of Shraddha.

Now that Aaftab is in police custody for 5 days, the top police officials will meet in the evening to figure out what to do next.

17 November 2022, 16:53 IST:

Saw Aaftab used to cut Shraddha's body missing: The IO tells the court that the shop where the murder weapon, a saw, was bought has been found, and the suspect will be taken there.

17 November 2022, 16:48 IST:

Aaftab will be taken to Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh so that police can look into what happened.

The police told the court that the suspect, Aaftab, should be taken to Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh so that the case can be looked into. Aaftab will go with the team to the places he went with Shraddha.

The drug test on Aaftab Poonawalla was allowed at 16:45 IST on November 17, 2022.

The Saket court in Delhi has said that Aaftab Poonawalla can take a drug test. The narco test is done by giving a drug (like sodium pentothal, scopolamine, or sodium amytal) through an IV. This drug puts the person under different levels of anaesthesia. At this point, Aftab will be less shy and more likely to tell you things.

16:42 IST, November 17, 2022: Police asked for ten days of custody, but only five were given.

Before the Saket Court, the police had asked for Aaftab to be locked up for 10 days. But the court has given them custody for the next 5 days.

Dr. Neelam Gorhe, leader of the Uddhav faction of Shiv Sena, went to see Vikas Walker, the father of Shraddha Walker, who was killed by her live-in partner Aaftab Poonawalla. In a few minutes, the accused will be brought before the Saket Court.