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Do You Believe in Serendipity?

Serendipity is typically defined as anything wonderful occurring by accident, but is this true? Let's take a detour.

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Have you ever noticed that when you do something, for example, taking a photograph, making a video, conversing with someone interestingly, making companions, or meeting new people, each activity has a specific reaction to it, and each time we accomplish something we make a truly new thing, now and then we leave the most delightful imprints by our activities, without we are acquainted with it? For example, we could live without all of our images, however after a few days or a month of studying on comparable subjects, we suddenly recall the moment when that particular snapshot was taken, and we need to include that photograph in our top ten list.

The following are a few of the most pleasing and uncomplicated models:

  1. Torn trousers are denim pants having tears or tears, usually on the knees or other spots on the gasp. Tore/torn trousers were generally associated with the unfortunate prior to the 1970s. The lower middle class couldn't take leaving their denim behind. Obviously, if a family can't endure the thought of purchasing new jeans, they may continue to wear them beyond the point of their own desire, but nowadays, persons who purposely reveal damaged trousers are frequently not impoverished, but rather do so as a deliberate choice.

  2. James Watt (1736-1819) is well known for inventing the Watt steam engine, which converted steam to water. The initial notion was an influence of good fortune while developing a rotating motor that automated winding around, turning, and conveyance.

  3. In 1608, "Lippershey" proposed a device that could magnify objections many times. His telescope included a recessed eyepiece that was aligned with a bent objective focus point. According to one tale, he received the idea for his design after observing two youngsters in his shop holding up two focus points that allowed a distant weather vane to appear close, and it hit him with the concept of building a telescope.

  4. When someone by chance discovered revelation on a mistake, an incredible amount of modern-day way of life conveniences were produced, for example, the microwave, security glass, smoke alarms, X-beam imaging, and so on.

Serendipity is the moment of clarity when you realize you're exactly where you need to be. That location is so rarely where we anticipate it to be that knowing how to discover it when we don't expect it becomes critical. In other words, we need to start seeking for satisfaction more frequently in order to find serendipity. That is when we may stop striving after illusory objectives and instead discover pleasure in the present moment.

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That is why participating in these various 'gratitude' exercises might be beneficial. Take a pen and paper and write three things you are grateful for right now to try to uncover that serendipity. Then list three things that are wonderful about being exactly where you are right now. If you can develop this practise, you will be able to appreciate every moment more often and experience the pleasant sensation of serendipity.

"Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you've found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for." - Lawrence Block

A confluence of events may not be entirely beneficial, but their occurrence may provide a creeping cooperative energy. Luck is sometimes characterized as something that happens by chance or as an indiscriminate misfortune. In any case, there is a case to be made that by having a pre-planned mind, you will most likely find a greater amount of it, so keep your limits on the haggle noticing things around you fastidiously, who knows at what second you hit what and be the next fortunate being to design the Next Big Thing ;)

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