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Google honours India's Republic Day with a Doodle made of hand-cut paper

#RepublicDay2023 #RepublicDay #RepublicDayParade | On the occasion of India's Republic Day, Google has created a Doodle made of hand-cut paper.

Image source | Google

Today marks the 74th year of India's Republic Day celebrations (January 26). Google has also acknowledged this event by devoting a hand-cut paper doodle to the celebration. In honour of India's Republic Day, today's Google Doodle features an illustration that was created by Parth Kothekar, a guest artist from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It was on this day in 1950 that the Constitution of India was adopted, marking the day that India officially became an independent, democratic, and republic state.

The paper used in the creation of today's Doodling is cut by hand in elaborate patterns. The artwork depicts several aspects of the Republic Day parade, including the Rashtrapati Bhavan (which is where the president lives), the India Gate, the CRFP marching group, and motorbike riders.

In 1947, India won its independence from the British Empire, and shortly afterwards, the country started the process of writing its constitution. The approval of this constitution cleared the door for democracy in India and gave the people of that country the ability to vote for their own representatives in government. The Indian Constitution became legally binding on all citizens on January 26, 1950. In addition to this, the day is commemorated as the anniversary of the Indian National Congress's proclamation of Purna Swaraj in 1929. This event took place on the same day.

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The festivities for Republic Day include a variety of cultural activities that are meant to highlight the resiliency, history, and diversity of the nation. The day will be commemorated, as it has been for the last many years running, with a solemn procession. The Republic Day parade will be held in New Delhi, and it will include tableaux representing each state as well as hundreds of bands and folk dancers from throughout the country.

Watch the whole process of creating today's doodle artwork:

Watch Republic Day 2023: Rashtrapati Bhavan, India Gate Illuminate In Tricolour:

26 Jan 2023, 12:26:58 PM IST

At the Republic Day parade, Prime Minister Modi wore a Rajasthani turban with a variety of colors. On India's 74th Republic Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is known for wearing clothes that show off India's diverse culture, wore a multicolored Rajasthani turban to represent India's many different cultures. This year, the turban was worn to commemorate India's 74th Republic Day.

On the 74th Republic Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief of Defence Staff General Anil Chauhan pay their respects at the National War Memorial.

The Prime Minister wore a one-of-a-kind traditional hat from Uttarakhand a year ago, which was adorned with a brooch that was modelled after the Brahmakamal. The Prime Minister of India brings a bouquet of Brahma Kamal, the state flower of Uttarakhand, with him on his religious pilgrimages to Kedarnath.

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