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How did my interactions with the Indian Cyber Police go?

#onlinescam | Indian Cyber Police are capable of solving more serious crimes, but they are not doing so because they need a large reference, threats from the media, or easiest of all, bribery.

This article is a continuation of a previous post titled, "I lost $587 after receiving a FRAUDULENT bank call—NEVER SHARE YOUR OTP."

Ⓒ Image by Unsplash

I received a call from the Cybercrime department regarding the complaint filed against online fraud, and I am not surprised to tell you what they did or are unwilling to do about it. An officer from the beuro with a prominent designation called me and simply stated that they went to the crime scene and found no one, so they are unable to assist me further.

So, like a fool, I waited for their call all this time, only to hear from Cybercrime that they were unable to assist me with the fraud. No wonder the government system is being bullied, has no value, and will never add value to its so-called services. In fact, the government services and authorities are so bad that they don't even care about the victims; they just want to show off that they investigated but weren't able to do much about the crime and thus failed to prove justice.

The officer told me that the government has repeatedly spread the message that you should never share your OTP with anyone, so why did I? Also, because I shared the OTP over the phone with my consent, it is to be treated as a "secured transaction," and it is all my fault. when I asked the officer then why do you all have kept the option to file a complaint for such cases then? He had no response. Such a pitiful, useless, and shallow Cybercrime department, these useless chunks have simply made a website where we can report online fraud and later on they will say that they will get back to you within 45-60 days TAT with a resolution on the complaint and later they will make a formal call and send you an SMS stating that they are closing your complaint like a get in my case, firstly a formal call and then an SMS that my case is marked as closed, check the below screenshot for reference:

This incident taught me a valuable lesson: once we lose our money, it's gone forever; these pitiful and ineffective so-called government officials don't give a damn about your money; they simply close your complaint and ask you to forget about it in a very pleasant way.

But my inner voice told me not to be quiet and not to give up, so I personally visited the Cybercrime branch in my area and made it very clear that I am not willing to have this case closed so easily. I called my bank(Indusind bank) customer care and passed on my phone to the Cybercrime officer assigned to my case. During that call, the officer informed the bank representative that according to RBI guidelines, any online fraud transaction below Rs 1,00,000 or $1209 is the responsibility of the bank. Hence, I will shortly return with another update on my case.

An overview of the Cybercrime procedure in general

According to reports, the Cyber Crime Unit of the Police Department is a specialized section that handles all difficult and delicate cases involving cybercrime. The Cyber Crime Cell's Cyber Lab is state-of-the-art and equipped with numerous cyber forensic capabilities. This includes the capacity to retrieve deleted data from hard drives and mobile phones, imaging and hash value computation, forensic servers, portable forensic tools for on-site analysis, and the ability to extract data from the most current versions of Android, iOS, and Chinese phones.

Yet, they never complete any cases, despite the fact that a significant amount of data is taken from hacked e-mails and stolen mobile phones.

Worse beyond what it is possible for you to experience. The Indian Cyber Police are capable of solving more serious instances; however, they are not actively working to do so since they need a significant reference, threats from the media, or the easiest solution of all, bribery. I get the impression that they can discover a suspect in every given situation. My personal experience as an individual who received an FAKE bank call in Mumbai was chaotic. Theft of mobile phones, infringement of intellectual property and bank servers, and their general location in relation to the crime site and attempts to halt payment There is no need for references, not even in the court orders. More than ninety percent of people in India are unaware that the cyber cell can help them find solutions to the challenges they face.

Not only have they not solved crimes, but they have only done so in extreme circumstances, such as the Nirbhaya case, Tanish Jewellers in Chandigarh, and some smuggling in Bombay. A government reference is essential here; without it, an ordinary person would never get assistance. So criminals don't care and keep taking advantage of innocent people.

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