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Have you ever wondered if you're "too old" to follow your dream?

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Uncertainty about one's age is a severe psychological hurdle that prevents many would-be geniuses from making enormous strides.

Every day, you become older, but it doesn't make your passion any less significant. Our passion is what motivates us; when we are enthusiastic about anything, we are inspired to accomplish and achieve in that sector or because we love it. It is critical that you pursue your dreams and objectives before it is too late and you regret losing out, especially for trivial reasons like age. You don't have to be young or in your prime to pursue your aspirations; you may do so at any age. Just keep working hard on what you enjoy and making improvements every day.

I can empathize if you've ever been handicapped by the belief that you're too old - or too young - to do what you genuinely need to do.

It becomes more difficult to dedicate ourselves totally to our passions as we get older. Life throws numerous problems our way, and when we confront them, we find that our previous ambitions were far too simple. Everything seems feasible when you're younger. Nobody is telling you that you don't have enough time to achieve your ambition. But as you get older, you realize that life isn't always fair. As a result, you may have to give up some of your aspirations in order to achieve success.

Obviously, there are several additional well-known and lesser-known examples of people who achieve remarkable things at any age!

However, what is actually important to me here is YOU.

However, there comes a point in your life when you understand how crucial it is for you, both personally and emotionally, to pursue your passion. There will be many individuals around you who will tell you that you should not pursue your passion since you have passed the appropriate age limit. This may influence your judgments, but it is critical that you consider practically before making a decision.

Could it be claimed that you are allowing the fact that you are too old or too young to hold you back?

Did you ever pass anything up because you believed you were too old, and now you need to slap yourself?

Colonel Sanders, who didn't start Kentucky Fried Chicken until he was in his 60s, was the first name that sprang to mind (assuming I recall right).

I'm sure the "excessively old" argument is just another way of expressing "I don't need change."

I accept that the "excessively old" argument is a symptom of the I MAY HAVE BUT DISEASE. The I MAY HAVE BUT DISEASE is a silent executioner, murdering our greatest ambitions invisibly.

This is how the I MIGHT HAVE However, disease kills: "I really need to start an online business. I MAY HAVE, BUT I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO CODE." or "I really need to work on my style. I MAY HAVE, BUT the time has come to make a permanent shift."

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The solution to the I MIGHT HAVE Disease, on the other hand, is simple yet tough. To get rid of the I MAY HAVE BUT DISEASE, simply start moving. It is absolutely clear.

Regardless, the illness is strong, and it WILL make it very difficult to venture out, in confidence, and make a move; nonetheless, this is how every amazing replacement has originated and prevailed from!

You were born with a special gift that no one else on the planet can convey. When you dance to your own music, you develop these innate qualities organically and flourish at work and in life. However, being compelled to adapt to someone else's concept of who you should be throws your groove off.

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It's not about being the greatest at something or proving yourself to others to rediscover your own groove. It's about finding your own abilities and feeling alive while doing so. You may gently transform your life and achieve your ambitions by doing something you like merely one or two hours every week. It's a risk-free approach to discover and enhance your abilities without risking your life by jumping over a cliff.

“Who told you it was too late? And more importantly, why did you choose to believe them?” ― Richelle E

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