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Jeff Bezos

Founder, CEO, president, and chairman of Amazon

Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen, who had just graduated from high school when she gave birth to Bezos, and Ted Jorgensen, who was Bezos' biological father, welcomed their son into the world on January 12, 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Blue Origin is a manufacturer of aircraft as well as a provider of services related to suborbital space travel that was founded by Bezos in the year 2000.

In 2015, the New Shepard vehicle from Blue Origin successfully entered space, and some time after that, it successfully landed back on Earth.

The company is working on developing plans to launch a business that will involve suborbital human spaceflight in the near future. In addition, in 2013, he spent $250 million to acquire the influential American newspaper The Washington Post, and now, he serves as the chief executive officer of the investment firm Bezos Expeditions, where he manages a variety of diverse business ventures.

Bezos made the announcement on February 2, 2021, that he will step down from his position as CEO of Amazon at some time during the third to final quarter of 2021, and instead take up the role of chief executive officer at the company. Andy Jassy, who is now the head of Amazon's distributed computing group, is widely anticipated to succeed him as CEO of the company.

In 1994, Jeff Bezos began what would become the online retailing behemoth in the carport of his home in Seattle. Late in 2021, he will step aside from his role as CEO and take on the role of leading director.

Amazon reported that it had hired 175,000 additional workers in the months of March and April 2020, while the epidemic was in full swing.

Bezos has announced that he would donate $100 million to Feed America in April 2020. Feed America is a nonprofit that works in food banks and other food storage locations around the country.

Amazon has been subjected to criticism from members of congress in the United States as well as the general community for the manner in which it handled distribution centre experts during the Covid epidemic.

After 25 years of marriage, he and his better half MacKenzie divorced in 2019, and he transferred a quarter of his Amazon stock to her. He is still very close to MacKenzie.

In 2019, Amazon achieved a record-breaking $386.1.1 billion in revenue and a record-breaking $21.3 billion in net profit.

Bezos owns The Washington Post as well as Blue Origin, an aviation company that is developing rockets for commercial use.

I didn't anticipate feeling any regret over my performance. In addition, I hypothesised that I would be scary in general if I made the decision to not do it by any stretch of the imagination.

I didn't anticipate feeling any regret over my performance. In addition to this, I guessed that I would in general be creepy if I made the decision to not do anything at all. - Jeff Bezos

It's not what you do that causes problems; it's what you don't do that will haunt you when you're old and looking back on your life and wondering what could have been.

When you think about the things that you would regret when you are 80, it is pretty common for them to be the things that you did not accomplish. They are examples of excluding others from participation. According to a transcript of a conversation between Jeff Bezos and Mathias Dopfner, CEO of Axel Springer, which was published by Business Insider on Saturday, Bezos stated that one should "rarely be going to mourn anything that you tried that fizzled and didn't succeed or whatever."

Bezos states, "I'm not merely addressing business matters" in this interview. "It's like, 'I love that individual and I never told them,' and you know, after fifty years you're like, 'For what reason didn't I tell her?'" Why didn't I go for that opportunity?'

"So, it is the kind of life lament that makes it very difficult to feel content about the account of your life while you're retelling it to yourself in a private moment,"

Bezos is a model for others to follow when it comes to having the ability to act.

He quit his job as a Wall Street investment banker and started a business selling books online through a company named Amazon. When seen in retrospect, it was a decision that was fruitful. In spite of this, Bezos and his significant other MacKenzie were confronted with a problem at that time; it was an issue that was held differently by various individuals.

In a commencement address that Bezos presented in 2010 at Princeton, the institution from which he had graduated, he stated, "I was working at a financial firm in New York City with a lot of extremely shrewd people, and I had a splendid supervisor that I much respected." Bezos also mentioned that he had a splendid supervisor who he greatly respected.

"I went to my boss and informed him that I wanted to start an organisation that sold books over the Internet. He led me on a long walk across Central Park, listened carefully to what I had to say, and then replied, "That seems like a really great idea, but it would be a lot better idea for anyone who didn't already have a permanent employment.'"

Bezos gave careful consideration to the option at hand.

This line of reasoning made sense to me, and he was successful in convincing me to give it some thought for the next two days before making a final decision on it. "When seen in that context, it really was a challenging choice; but, at the end of the day, I came to the conclusion that I needed to give it a go," said Bezos in his lecture.

"I didn't believe I'd feel regret about failing to impress. In addition, I conjectured that I would in general be creepy by opting not to do it by any length of the imagination," he made sense of. According to him, this means that he "took the less protected road to pursue my zeal, and I'm grateful for that decision."

Bezos notes that despite this mindset, having supportive and loving people in his day-to-day life was another factor that inspired him to take on difficulties.

"MacKenzie, you know, she had hitched this steady person chipping away at Wall Street, and a year after we got married, I went to her and said I needed to leave my place of employment, get the nation over, and start this online book shop." "MacKenzie, you know, she had hitched this steady person chipping away at Wall Street." In addition, MacKenzie's initial line of questioning, which was obviously the same as that of everyone else for whom I discussed this, was "What the future held's?" "The year was 1994," Bezos mentions to Dopfner during their conversation.

"However, before she could even utter the question "Whatever's the web?," she exclaimed, "Extraordinary! How about we go!" Because she needed to help it and she realised that I had continuously had this enthusiasm for development and creating an organisation, says Bezos. "Because she needed to help it," adds Bezos.

Bezos acknowledges that, in addition to his partner, his parents and grandfather are big influences on his day-to-day life and are a source of inspiration for him.

My mother and I were both winners in that sweepstake. To my mother, I owe you a debt of appreciation for pretty much all that you've done.

"My mother gave birth to me when she was 17 years old, and she was still in secondary school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the year 1964. This took place in the United States. I can assure you that at that time period in Albuquerque, New Mexico, being a teenager who was pregnant while still enrolled in secondary school was not considered cool.

According to Bezos, "as a result, it was unquestionably difficult for her." "Because of my grandfather, she was able to get it done, and then after that, her parents tried to pull her out of school. They're an exceptional family, but the blessing for me was that I had this unfathomable family."

According to Bezos, the feeling of being sustained and appreciated prevented him from having the certainty necessary to make bold actions.

“When you have loving and supportive people in your life — like MacKenzie, my parents, my grandfather, my grandmother — you end up being able to take risks,” says Bezos. “Because I think it’s one of those things, you know, you kind of know that somebody’s got your back. And so if you’re thinking about it logically, it’s an emotional thing.”

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