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New York - US: NYPD identifies Brooklyn shooter as a male wearing a construction vest and a gas mask

Undetonated devices found. New York subway shooting: The Indian embassy in New York says it is watching the situation.

At least a dozen people were hurt in a subway shooting in Brooklyn

According to police and NYPD sources, at least 13 individuals were injured, including 5 who were shot, in a grisly incident in a Brooklyn subway station during Tuesday morning rush hour.

The heinous event occurred at 8:30 a.m. at the 36th Street station in Sunset Park, when officials recovered multiple undetonated bombs, according to the FDNY and NYPD.

Clair, a straphanger on the Manhattan-bound N train who observed the incident, told that there were so many shots fired that she "lost count."

The gunman responsible for Tuesday's Brooklyn subway massacre has now been on the run for more than four hours, with authorities providing only a sketchy description of him.

After bullets were fired at a Brooklyn station, an NYPD official told, "5 individuals were shot, and we are looking for a man wearing an orange vest."

A New York Police Department (NYPD) official revealed, Network in an initial statement that the gunfight at the Brooklyn subway station occurred around 8.26 a.m. and that five persons were fired at. The event harmed at least 12-13 persons, although there was no information on the nature of their injuries.

According to an NYPD spokesman, the suspect, who left the scene, was described as a male wearing an orange work vest and a gas mask. "The event occurred at around 8.26 a.m. It happened at Subway Station in Brooklyn, New York. It appears that 12-13 persons have been harmed. Five individuals were shot, and we're looking for a man wearing an orange vest and potentially carrying a pistol "a spokeswoman stated.

"We're hunting for the suspect in order to capture him," he remarked.

According to the NYPD official, there were reports of undetonated explosives at the scene of the event "At the moment, no undetonated devices have been discovered. However, it is too soon in the study to corroborate that. The suspect allegedly employed a gas device."

Images and video from the incident showed people ministering to the bodies of passengers who were laying on the floor of the station, as the air was filled with smoke. Fire and police were investigating claims of an explosion, but the police department stated that there were "no active explosive devices at this moment."

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When questioned if it was a terror attack, the spokesman responded, "I can't comment on it since we don't know."

Multiple bullets were fired at a subway line that goes through a suburb in south Brooklyn, roughly a 15-minute train trip from Manhattan. Schools in the area, including Sunset Park High School across the street, were evacuated.

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President Joe Biden has been briefed on the matter, according to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. "Senior White House personnel are in contact with Mayor Adams and Police Commissioner Sewell to give any support that is required."

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