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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas celebrate their daughter's first Easter with a romantic lunch

Fans Wonder Where Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas's Baby Bunny Is After They Dress Up For Romantic Easter Date

Priyanka Chopra, 39, and husband Nick Jonas, 29, celebrated Easter Sunday with a peaceful lunch. The happy couple posed for a few photos beneath a giant pair of pins and white rabbit ears that were propped up on top of some lush green bush. The Matrix Resurrections actress, 39, flaunted her curves in a mustard-yellow skirt and crop top ensemble, which she paired with open-toe shoes.

Her lightened tresses were likewise fashioned long and flowing, with plenty of natural curls and part on the slight right. The Jonas Brothers member, 29, wore a bright collared shirt with black jeans and white sneakers.

On Sunday, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas celebrated their first Easter as parents, but their baby rabbit was nowhere to be seen. The actress and singer shared photos from their lunch date on Instagram. Priyanka wore a stunning yellow crop top with a matching skirt for their sunny stroll. She was spotted wearing glasses and sporting a wavy hairstyle.

Nick, on the other hand, wore a patterned shirt with black slacks. The duo was seen standing in front of a big Easter-themed installation as the sun shone down on them. Priyanka also posted a selfie and a photo of Nick at the table. She captioned the image, "Happy Easter from us," and tagged the location as "paradise."

Priyanka also uploaded photos and videos from their trip to a nearby beach. The pair went for a walk on the desolate beach and collected a few boulders that had washed up on the coast. Priyanka remarked, "What dreams are made of..." after tagging the location as "love."

While the couple celebrated Easter in a low-key manner, fans asked Priyanka to post images of their baby on the occasion. "But where is the small bunny?" enquired a viewer. "Would you like to see the baby?" said another. "Merry Easter!" I can't wait to see your lovely daughter. "Wishing you the best!" said a third fan.

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While the pair kept Easter low-key, fans begged Priyanka to share photos of their baby on the occasion. "But where is the tiny bunny?" one viewer wondered. "Would you like to see the baby?" asked someone else. "Happy Easter!" I can't wait to meet your beautiful daughter. "Best wishes!" said a third admirer.

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While Priyanka and Nick have yet to reveal any details about the kid, Priyanka's cousin Meera Chopra announced that the couple had a baby girl. Priyanka told Lilly Singh at her book launch, "As a new parent right now, I constantly thinking about how I would never impose my ambitions, anxieties, and upbringing on to my child." Children come through you, not from you, I've always believed.

There is no belief that says, "This is my kid, and I will influence everything." They come to you in order to find and develop their own life. Recognizing that helped me a lot, and my parents were really non-judgmental in a manner."

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