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#Shushant Singh Rajput

Hello everyone, it is high time now to check ourselves, it is like an emergency bell, if not Now then Never!

It's a wake-up call for each and every one of us to be aware of the people whom we are dealing with around us and who is influencing our inner nature for their own benefits, it's time to check ourselves and our loved ones, have a chat and converse with each other. It's time for revelations and not resolutions because resolutions are not firm, convictions are!

Nobody today is unaware of the fact that this young and very talented guy who needs no introduction, has committed something that is extremely horrendous for each one of us to even think, the whole nation is in absolute SHOCK!!

It's time to learn from this boy's life story, who was young, full of life, immensely talented, and opinionated, who gave up because he could not take the pressure around, which made his life excruciating and was pushed at this point of disastrous upheaval.

The Republic Media reports, A lobby lead an organized boycott of this lovely heart-throb, in a cruel, nepotistic and insecure way, a bunch of stooges worked very hard to sideline and marginalize him, this brilliant guy, his fault was that he refused to be treated as a loyal foot soldier who was ready to bite to whatever crumbs the Bollywood's insecure 'Kingpin' threw, and then on-screen and his performances, as he showed his raw talent and his abilities to breakthrough, the cabal went complaining to the "Kingpin" once again and the kingpin struck a second time, this time harder.

Adding to it, the Republic media says, this Cabal in Bollywood loves mediocre Pakistani imports, but when an Indian dazzles, they huddle and attack anyone whose talent is too precocious to be instructed by their mediocre dynastic nepotistic ways, and now these hypocrites lament on Twitter, now they vacuum clean their consciences, they write poetry, they say he loved them and they loved him, Rubbish!! and they say all this because they know that death can't hit back, this incredibly talented young guy's only mistake was that he allowed them to push him down.

"Shushant" should have fought harder, he was too bright, he was too talented to walk among this 'Rotting Cabal'.

This what happened with him may happen with me, you, or anyone of us in any of our respective fields or community, so this is extremely important for each one of us to be aware and be ready to take a stand and any situation that so ever. This atrophied, rotting, repugnant cabal exists in each community/field/industry, and these in their own sharp and sleazy ways try to take you down, take off your sheen and slowly relegate you to nostalgia, where you will lose your real self in limbo.

"The Secret of doing good to others, is secret doing good to ourselves".

Keep sharing all that you go through every day with your loved ones or with those who really care about you, or at least maintain a personal blog or a personal diary. Love each other and Love yOuR-SeLf

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