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The iPhone 14 is now available for roughly Rs 50,000, but there is a catch.

It's also possible that some pin codes may not be able to get an iPhone 14. If you need a new iPhone right away, the iPhone 13 is a good option to think about.

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When it comes to attracting people's attention, nothing beats a sale on an iPhone. Even better, if you can get your hands on one of Apple's newest products for a price that seems too good to be true. If you have been exploring the internet for iPhone discounts, you have most likely came across one such iPhone offer that is hard to believe: an iPhone 14 for about Rs 50,000. Before you ask, the offer is justified, but here's the thing: even if you ignore this advice, you shouldn't take advantage of it. Permit us to explain why it is.

The price of the iPhone 14 in its most basic 128GB configuration is now advertised at Rs 77,400 on Flipkart. This is less than what Apple charges for their most recent iPhone model at this time. If you go to Apple's online shop, you'll discover that the iPhone 14 is being sold at the same price—Rs 79,900—at which it was first made available to the public. This indicates that there has been no official price adjustment made.

If you have an HDFC Bank credit card, you can get the iPhone 14, which is already marked down in price, from Flipkart at an even more reasonable cost. These customers may take advantage of an e-commerce website promotion that provides a one-time payback of Rs 5,000, bringing the total cost down to Rs 72,400. The trick or the catch begins at this point. When you trade in your used or preexisting smartphone for a new one on Flipkart, you might get an additional discount of up to an impressive Rs 20,500.

Take into consideration that the Rs 20,500 discount will be adjusted based on the make and model of the smartphone you choose to trade in as well as the condition of that smartphone. In most cases, the biggest discount is available for purchase of high-end phones manufactured by OnePlus, Samsung, and Apple. Even in the case of Apple, you have a better chance of getting the full discount if you purchase a new pro model rather than a basic iPhone such as an iPhone 12 or 13.

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You may, of course, go to the internet to find out what sort of discount you are qualified for, but the likelihood is that the trade-in would arrive at a price that is not at all similar to the price of the iPhone you are receiving in return, which is the iPhone 14.

The iPhone 13, which is an iPhone that is quite similar to the iPhone 14 and is available at rates that are very fair, is a better choice than any of the alternatives. When this article was written, the iPhone 13 was selling on Flipkart for Rs 69,999. If you apply extra discounts, there is a good probability that you will end up getting greater value for your money. However, the decision ultimately rests with you.

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As a result of the problems that Apple is experiencing with its supply chain at the moment, it is also likely that the iPhone 14 will not be accessible for specific pin numbers. If you really have to have a brand new iPhone, then the iPhone 13 is definitely something you should look into purchasing. The latter may be purchased in India through Flipkart for the price of 69,999 Indian Rupees right now.

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On the other hand, the smartphone may be purchased for 59,999 Indian Rupees on a good day. Both of these smartphones have comparable features, with just a few minor changes between them. On the back of each device is a pair of cameras with a combined resolution of 12 megapixels and an Apple A15 Bionic CPU that provides power. There is a front-facing camera with 12 megapixels included. Both phones are compatible with 5G networks and the MagSafe wireless charging standard.

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