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TubeBuddy — Your Best Friend for YouTube Channel Management Success

Are you a YouTube publisher?

If yes, then here's something exclusive for you which would help you increase your Youtube channel in a shorter period.

TubeBuddy is a popular tool for Youtubers that is not only affordable but easy to use. This tool is a powerhouse and a must-have tool for YouTube publishers like you.

Before you create your free TubeBuddy account, let me quickly highlight some of the many great features of this popular YouTube tool.

TubeBuddy features:

As the name suggests, this is a complete virtual YouTube buddy that you need. This tool is a suite of various features that you need to grow your YouTube channel. Here are some of them:

  • Keyword research tool for YouTube

  • Automatically suggest tags for videos to help them rank higher.

  • A/B testing for video title, description & tags.

  • Promote one of your videos in the descriptions of all your other videos

  • See the tags used by other YouTube videos including your competitor's channel.

  • Check & monitor the Keyword ranking of your YouTube videos.

  • Publish your uploaded YouTube videos on a Facebook page or profile as a native Facebook video upload.

  • Bulk copy YouTube cards.

  • Feature any one of your videos across all of your other videos

  • Schedule videos to be hidden and removed from playlists at a future date/time

  • Create multiple defaults YouTube upload profiles. This was you can promote the best thing for different videos.

  • Schedule unlisted videos to be published and added to playlists at a future date/time

  • Find the best time to publish your videos on YouTube.

  • Find who is sharing your videos on Twitter, Reddit+, Pinterest & more.

Mechanism of YouTube SEO:

From an SEO standpoint, YouTube lists results i.e., videos by order of relevance to the user’s search phrase. That means, just like Google, to be specific, it’s all about keywords, the keyword(s) in your video’s title. Video tags and descriptions help too, but the primary variable is a video’s title, description and tags need to have some similar words/ tags.

So, in terms of getting your video to rank, it’s mission-critical to search-optimize your video titles. To do so, you’ll need a tool like TubeBuddy, which will require a paid membership to utilize all the bells and whistles.

TubeBuddy is a browser extension/ plugin that integrates directly within YouTube’s website. It works on Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

To identify your keywords, which, what I mean is, to select the most advantageous phrasing of your video’s title, you’ll use TubeBuddy’s “Keyword Explorer” tool.

Now, if you tap either “YouTube” or “Video Topics” in the “Related Searches” box, you’ll find alternative phrasing choices. For instance, tap the “best hotel in Ontario” topic, which is a variation of our keyword, and, just like that, your optimization score shoots up to 67.

Over time, as you upload one optimized video after another, you’ll grow your YouTube channel’s authority, putting you on the path of YouTube Search domination.

Again, TubeBuddy is a YouTube Video Optimization and Management Toolkit that adds a layer of tools directly on top of YouTube's website. It helps to acquire customers and build brand awareness.

TubeBuddy is a browser extension and mobile app that integrates directly into YouTube to run the channel with ease. It helps to find high-performing, searchable video topics to craft the perfect titles and tags.

Its time-saving templates and tools drastically speed up publishing time and ensure that the videos are set up for success by promoting videos across the web and using existing videos to drive traffic to new uploads.

It's no more unrevealed that videos are fast and the most effective means of publishing content and building an audience. People are watching more and more videos online all thanks to high-speed smartphones and the Internet. YouTube is an obvious destination for video content creators seeking an affordable home for their videos and a chance for the videos to be discovered easily.

TubeBuddy offers a powerful suite of super tools, that intensify the abilities of the YouTube publisher's default toolset. Moreover, TubeBuddy offers a set of powerful content management and publishing tools, right in line with the regular YouTube experience.

By integrating the TubeBuddy functions into a browser plugin, the new features are presented to users as if they were built-in YouTube features. Once you get in the habit of using TubeBuddy regularly as you upload videos, and because the process is so simple, you will probably forget which features are original to YouTube and which are from the TubeBuddy plugin — yes, I mean it!

Why TubeBuddy?

It might be a smart idea to put a card 60 seconds into each video you upload that mentions a specific call-to-action, such as a free webinar or discount you're offering. Well, isn't the date and time of that webinar going to change? Of course, it will.

After the current event has come and gone, you're going to schedule a similar webinar, seminar, or event and want to promote it in the same place in your videos.

Hence, instead of having to go around to each video one by one to update your cards, TubeBuddy gives you the power to make a change in one spot and be done. It's a major time-saver as it updates each location you used it.

The features of TubeBuddy extend beyond cards and interpretation with tools related to SEO optimization, channel rank tracking, and various reporting and promotion abilities as mentioned above.

It's also good to know that it's not an all-or-nothing premise as TubeBuddy is offered in 4 different service levels, starting with a free basic plan. If you're generating revenue from YouTube or using YouTube as a lead source, TubeBuddy could pay for itself by increasing views and engagement across your videos.


Automate the process of copying Cards across some or all of your videos


Manually adding Cards on all your videos one by one takes forever and is a pain in the &#^@@$

Copying Cards through TubeBuddy ensures you have a clean, consistent look across all your videos

Cards are extremely important for marketing your brand on desktop and mobile


Go to your My Videos page on YouTube and select "Bulk Copy Cards" from the TubeBuddy menu next to the video that you want to copy Cards from.

Overall, the 14 days no-credit card trial is enough for you to see the effectiveness of TubeBuddy. They are adding new features every day & Bevociferous(Powered by Taste Of India - yOUR tASTe BuddY) is proud to offer this exclusive YouTube channel growth formula for our readers & YouTube publishers.

Create an account on TubeBuddy today. Simply CLICK on the link to create your free account:

No credit card is required for 14 days trial signup. Do share this exclusive offer with your YouTube buddies! Cheers!!

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