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Where right things are laughed at and stupid things are praised.

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A world full of people who are so delicate that they have forgotten that they are not the centre of the universe is full of people who have this misconception. How does that age-old proverb go? "If you know how to treat a wise guy, he will cherish you. You are, in his eyes, an idiot, and he will hate you." You are currently residing in the "Kalyug," which represents the most plainly awful of times; nevertheless, you are also currently residing in the awesomest of times. Amusing isn't it?

Never before have there been so many opportunities available. In addition, there has never been such a large number of selfish and self-centered people to support you.

If you make a million dollars, someone close to you right now is ready to con you and steal it from you. If you make a million dollars, someone close to you right now is ready to take it from you. It is quite possible that it is a member of the same family, or even a purported friend, etc.

As you climb higher, people will begin to underestimate you. You would receive derogatory comments. According to a quote attributed to Gandhi, "First, they will ignore you. Then, at that point, they will laugh at you. Then, at that point, they will loathe you." You will eventually reach the last stage, which is when people will admire you, provided that you have the fortitude to remain steadfast and endure.

They will admire you for your unwavering support and the fact that you have a kind heart that is connected with helping people.

If you challenge the status quo in any way, shape, or form, you run the risk of being labelled a liar, a fool, or a scam.

Amazing heroes from our world like Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Gandhi defied the framework, and as a result, they paid with their lives by getting gunshot wounds to the head.

Even though I don't wish it on anyone, you should be prepared for the fight and the fight itself. Remember what Henry David Thoreau had to say, "The vast majority of men drive their lives with a composed intensity. Acquiescence is the same thing as affirmed franticness but with a different name." Raise your voice in defiance of the anxiety felt by the majority.

Keep in mind that while a formal education can help you make a livelihood, self-education has the potential to help you build a fortune.

Nevertheless, keep in mind the power of the standard; otherwise, you will be surprised by the framework.

There are those that started with a hundred dollars and turned it into ten million dollars.

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There are reports of people going through their childhoods in harsh conditions and conditions, and there are also a few accounts of people living in a trailer to a location that is their fantasy. Both of these types of accounts exist. Keep these stories in mind at all times since they have the power to rouse those individuals who are feeling lost, sad, and ignored.

However, if you reach a certain level of success, you will notice that there are always others lurking nearby who are ready to pick apart every perceived flaw in your progress. These people are sensitive boneheads. That is terrible information to get in terms of what you should anticipate happening in your life. However, I also have some encouraging news to share.

The most encouraging news is that an entire group of remarkable people who share your outlook on the world and will contribute to the achievement of your goals will emerge from the location that appears to have been ignored.


Therefore, I am saying this for one possible explanation. Keep going after your arrangement. In any case, when people who are closest to you betray you or disappoint you in any way. Change should nonetheless be a priority for you.

You don't have to fear change. Alteration is necessary for forward movement. Transform yourself into a tool for learning. Complete what you've already started. Stop dawdling. Stop acting like you've had nothing but bad luck lately.

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Take a look through the autographed book you've been given. Make the idea that's been floating around in your head into a business that you can run on the side and that will bring in a variety of income. Send a thoughtful present to your friend who has always been there for you and come through in the clutch. Also, in particular, make such progress toward certainty that eventually, your detractors will start wondering as to whether or not you are hiring people.

“Because you can't argue with all the fools in the world."

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