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WhatsApp's new 'Reaction' feature is now available to all users; here's how to use it

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WhatsApp's new 'Reaction' feature is now available to all users; here's how to use it
Ⓒ Image by Unsplash | WhatsApp's new 'Reaction' feature is now available to all users; here's how to use it

Meta-owned In India, WhatsApp is one of the most frequently used and popular messaging programmes, connecting billions of people. You are able to communicate several types of media content with the use of this messaging programme, including audio, documents, videos, images, GIFs, stickers, and so on. In addition to that, it gives the user the ability to make voice and video calls. The digital payment solution that WhatsApp has been developing is now live. It has recently introduced a brand new feature that is yet another innovation. WhatsApp plans to bring out its new replies feature in the near future.

Using this reaction function, users may answer to messages with a total of six different emojis, including love, sadness, laughter, gratitude, and astonishment. It's possible that new emoticons will become available on WhatsApp in the near future. Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive officer of the firm, was the one who broke the news on Facebook. "Starting today, reactions will begin to be sent out via WhatsApp," he added. In the post, he included the expressions of gratitude, thumbs up, heart, laughing, astonished, and melancholy.

How it works step by step process:

  1. Open WhatsApp, then open a chat

  2. Press and hold the message you want to react to

  3. The app will show six different emojis to react

  4. Drag your thump to the desired emoji and leave it

  5. Your reaction will appear on that message instantly.

In order to enable the WhatsApp respond function, users must do a long press on any chat. The user may then choose an emoji to swiftly respond with after the emojis have been displayed to them. Facebook and Instagram also have this functionality, so you may access it there as well.

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WhatsApp has just made an announcement that users will soon be able to participate in group video chats with up to 32 other WhatsApp users at the same time. In the past, there was a limit of just 8 people who may participate in the video conference. In addition to this, they disclosed that customers will be able to transfer data with a size of up to 2 gigabytes.

In addition, WhatsApp introduced a new 'Communities feature' for its platform, with the purpose of enabling users to organize their groups and bring together a large number of groups under a single roof. This new feature was part of WhatsApp's announcement. "Users will be able to bring together varied groups under one roof utilizing a structure that works for them with WhatsApp Communities," In a blog post, WhatsApp noted that "in this way, users may obtain updates broadcast to the entire Community and simply form smaller discussion groups on relevant subjects and significant issues."

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