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What is My Purpose?

For people with a strong spiritual orientation, the purpose is typically intertwined with a sense of meaning and connection. The purpose is what we wish to achieve and offer to the world. But having a sense of purpose is about more than just feeling good on a spiritual level; it's fundamental to our identities as human beings.

These seven strategies will help you reveal or find your purpose:-

  1. Donate Time, Money, or Talent.

  2. Listen to Feedback.

  3. Surround Yourself With Positive People.

  4. Start Conversations With New People.

  5. Explore Your Interests.

  6. Consider Injustices That Bother You.

  7. Discover What You Love to Do.

Man Walking in Fields

Hey there!! So, you are trying to find out about your "Purpose", you have landed yourself on the Right page, at the Right time, and at the Right place ;)

With that cliffhanger out of the way, let's dive into the means by which we could discover our life's true calling.

To put it simply, once you have finished reading this blog and begun your own "Self Assertion," pause!! There are supposedly three ways to find your purpose, and after going through all of the steps, you may get to know which one is the best for you, as it all depends on what your habits, likes, and dislikes are. This is the place you need to be in order to fully realize who you are and your life's purpose. Self-assessment tools like "Self Assertion," which implies the fusion of your thoughts and desires, can help you choose which of the following three paths is best for you.

  1. Are you a Traveler?


If so, tell me how far you've come. Or, alternatively, have you recently seen or experienced any of the following?

  • Are you a good, average, or poor communicator? If not, travel can help you become one. Just be honest with yourself.

  • Is your mind at ease?

  • Promotes the Generation of Totally New Ideas Are You a Completely Original and Creative Being?

  • Broadens Expanding one's horizons, in this context, is gaining a broader perspective on the world. Have you had any experience with how travel may open your mind?

  • Increases Your Capacity to Accept Uncertainty: How well do you maintain mental and emotional equilibrium in the face of change?

  • Improves Self-Assurance: Do you always feel ready to face any challenge head-on?

  • Is Down-to-Earth Because of your education, in a nutshell, do you believe you are emotionally and intellectually equipped to handle virtually any challenge that may arise?

  • Memories that last a lifetime are the best kind, and I have no doubt that you are the best at making them.

If you feel you are lacking in any of these areas, then you need to work on improving yourself in that respect; by doing so, you will have taken the first step toward discovering your "PURPOSE" in life, and you will almost certainly arrive there just as so many other great and successful people have before you.

​​   2. Are you a Reader?


If so, at what point in the book have you gotten? Or, if you have, perhaps you've come to realise the following about yourself:

  • Boosts cognitive health; are you an active person? Is it you who is hesitant?

  • Improves one's vocabulary by asking one to explain the meaning of unfamiliar words and phrases. You must be an excellent communicator if you understand what these terms signify.

  • Do your memory, language, reasoning, and judgment remain sharper than would be expected as you age?

  • Eases tension, are you calm in spirit, mind, and body?

  • Encourages restful slumber; do you follow a regular bedtime routine?

  • Relieves feelings of despondency by prompting the individual to examine whether or not they are content with their current state of being.

  • Makes you feel younger for longer, regardless of how old you actually are. Or maybe you just have a childlike spirit.

If you identify as a Reader but feel like you're missing out on the benefits listed above, it may be time to devote more time to reading, and as a reader myself, I can tell you that it's one of the easiest habits to form; all it takes is a quiet spot and something to read, and you'll soon be a better person.


Also, I'd like you to take a look at the kind of media you're consuming on the regular; some people enjoy reading a wide variety of books, but there are some that will help you on your quest to discover your life's purpose more quickly and easily than others. To see the titles I recommend, check out my blog post "#Who am I?" for a list of titles I think you'll enjoy.

   3. Are you a Meditator?


If you answered yes, then I'm assuming that you make time for meditation on a regular basis. If you're truly in love with it, you should see if you've hit the following milestones:

  • One of the most popular motivations for starting a meditation practice is the hope that it would help with stress reduction; do you ever feel stressed?

  • Reduces Worry. Are you worried about any nervous energy? Less stress means less anxiety.

  • Improves Psychic Vitality; how emotionally robust are you?

  • As you push yourself beyond of your comfort zone and reveal all your inherent strengths and talents, your self-awareness will grow.

  • Focused meditation has the same effect as lifting weights on your attention span, lengthening it. It aids in the development of a more robust and resilient capacity to focus; in other words, are you able to maintain concentration throughout your work or other activities?

  • May Slow the Decline of Memory with Age, as Determined by Your Own Self-Evaluation of Memory Research; Just Try to Think About Some of the Most Amazing Experiences You've Ever Had; Examine How Detailed and Sharp Your Imagination Is; This is also a Wonderful Way to Exercise Your Imagination; Imagine the Kind of Person You Will Be or Want to Be in Five Years;

  • Are you giving and nice to others? Can you give everyone the same amount of appreciation that you feel?

  • May Be Useful in Overcoming Addictive Behaviors If your meditating skills are effective, you should be able to have considerable influence on your thoughts, feelings, and appetites.

You may grow closer to your Purpose and begin practicing the correct kinds of Meditation immediately if you begin focusing on any of these traits and orientations right now that you may be lacking. Follow the provided links to find out more about the two distinct styles of meditation practiced today: active and passive.

  • Basic Meditation Session - By Sandeep Maheshwari I How to Meditate for Beginners

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