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Ray J Calls Kim Kardashian's Story About Kanye West Finding THAT Sex Tape Footage A 'Lie'

Ray J is dissatisfied with how the KarJenner family's new Hulu series portrays his age-old sex tape plot!

Fans finally got to watch the controversial aftermath of the time when Kanye West allegedly met up with Ray J in El Lay to recover a hard drive with the old adult-themed material on it in a new episode of The Kardashians that debuted on the streaming service on Thursday Or, did he?

However, Kim Kardashian's ex-boyfriend Ray J is disputing her allegations that her estranged husband Kanye West obtained a hard drive containing unreleased video from the pair's 2007 sex tape.

“All of this is a lie smh. Can’t let them do this anymore. So untrue.”

And he wasn't finished yet!

Brandy Norwood's brother went on, saying:

"This isn't cool at all. I've been staying away from the raydar [sic] - simply being focused and modest and appreciative for all the benefits I've received. How do I demonstrate development and maturity if this type of thing continues happening? I'm a father now, and it's my responsibility to be a wonderful dad and prioritise them. This is not the message I intended to give — smh."

The sex tape issue has been a huge theme on The Kardashians so far, and Ray J appears to be over it! What exactly are the alleged lies? "Everything"?! He didn't go into detail. But he isn't the first person to publicly dispute the narrative around the famed pornographic film that catapulted Kim to fame!

It's also intriguing to see Ray J use the "I'm a father now" argument in this context. As astute readers will recall, this is the second time this week that method has been used to condemn Kim's actions!

Damon Thomas, the SKIMS mogul's first spouse, came down for a lengthy interview with Vlad TV a few days ago. During that conversation, he levied a similar critique at Kim on her remarks about allegedly being intoxicated on ecstasy at their wedding in 2000:

"I have children, and my child attends the same school as her child, so picture how he feels at school when he has to deal with that." … You don't stay married or with someone for four or five years based just on you being high on ecstasy; it doesn't make any sense. Given that our children attend the same school and other similar circumstances, I believe it is a really irresponsible statement."

Kim, of course, has made the same ecstasy allegation about her sex tape with Ray J.

So it's intriguing to see Ray J and Thomas employ the fatherhood argument to counter Kim's assertions! It's not that trying to shield your children from previous public tragedies isn't a good thing. It most emphatically is! But the timing of two similarly-angled answers being so close together just a few days apart?!

"The computer and hard drive seized were intended to include the original video as well as any previously unseen material." After reviewing the tape, there was nothing sexual that had not been seen, merely footage from the plane on the way to Mexico and footage from a club and restaurant on the same trip."

Perhaps subsequent episodes of "The Kardashians" will expose to the public what was truly on the hard drive, but for now, Ray J is fed up.

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