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The formula is -- Never get too excited or too depressed.

Have you ever succeeded in something and felt like you were on top of the world? You feel as though nobody can tell you anything because maybe you’ve reached a point in your life where things are actually going in the right direction. Or maybe things aren’t going so well in your life.

Things are going downhill and you feel discouraged about what your future may hold so you label yourself as a failure. These two feelings that we feel are completely normal to the average human being. Although feeling high about where you are in life following your success can seem great, it can have its negative effects, and let us learn why.

Both Feelings Result In Lack Of Happiness In The Future.

If you think about it if you find yourself in a successful position and you think too highly about it, you’ll suddenly dwindle into a comfortable mental state. When you begin to get comfortable your work ethic will slowly depreciate and you’ll begin to get lazy and settle for the bare minimum of success.

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating success in any way shape or form, but after the celebration, the grind isn’t supposed to stop there. We are also supposed to celebrate all our failures with equal excitement, pleasure & joy.

The success that you attain should only be a stepping stool in order to get where you truly want to be. The same thing applies when you get too low about your success. You may have been working consistently day in and day out and still haven’t got that opportunity that you’ve always dreamed of. So what if you’re dealing with financial problems.

That is never a sign to give up what you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. If you harp on all of the problems that go on in your life and decide to punish yourself mentally, you’ll only experience those same results until you decide to make a change.

Always Have Equanimity

When you learn how to maintain your equanimity you’ll begin to progress in life at a steady pace. When things are going good you don’t get too overly excited and when things may not be going as planned you don’t have an angry temper tantrum.

This mindset allows you to understand that no matter the situation you’re in you always have room for improvement. This will also create an emotional balance internally which will allow you to remain calm and levelheaded under situations where most people fold.

Unfortunately, most people in the world today make decisions in an impulsive mind state which is decided by how they feel at the moment. They don’t take time to really consider their future with a calm and balanced mindset that allows them to make their decision firmly.

This can cause many problems down the road and make you question a lot of decisions you’ve made previously. Equanimity arises when we accept the way things are.

"with equanimity, you can deal with situations with calm and reason while keeping your inner happiness." - Dalai Lama


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