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Dare To Do It

How confident are you in your own worth?

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Your life's incredible story:

One day, a youngster walks up to his father and asks, "Father, what does an astounding worth mean?" In addition to this, the father hands him a stone and tells the little boy, "Child, if you want to know the value of your life, take this stone and go to the market. In the event that somebody asks the price, don't let out the least peep and raise your two fingers."

So the youngster does as his father instructs and goes to the market. While he is there, he aimlessly wanders about until, seemingly out of nowhere, an old person approaches him and asks how much this stone costs. The youngster doesn't make a sound and instead just puts up two fingers as a sign of silence. In addition to this, the females estimate $2? I'll take it.

The child is startled and runs back to his father, there was an elderly person on the lookout, she needed to give me two dollars for the stone, and the father says child, the next location I need you to go to is the Museum and in the event that anybody asks the price, don't let out the slightest peep and raise up two fingers, so the child takes the stone and goes to the Museum, and approximately twenty minutes later, there is a moderately aged man who moves toward the kid.


How much does he suggest that this stone is worth, sir? The youngster doesn't make even the least sound of protest and holds up two fingers when the adult asks for $200. I'll take it! The youngster is astounded and dashes back to his father. Father! A gentleman in the show hall required the stone for a price of two hundred dollars.

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The father responds, "Okay, child, the last place I need you to take the stone is a valuable stone store. Walk inside in the store, and assuming that anybody asks the price, don't let out the slightest peep, simply raise up two fingers." So the child runs off to the valuable stone store after observing it, and subsequent to that he walks inside, and there is an elderly person at the counter. As soon as the elderly person sees the stone, he hops up and asks:

What exactly do you need in order to do it? What is the price of it? The youngster doesn't make even the least sound of protest and holds up two fingers while the older person asks, "How much is it?" I'll take it. The youngster is completely overwhelmed by the situation; he jumps to his feet and dashes to his father, calling out, "Father! Father! the old guy at the costly stone business required to pay me $200,000 for the stone." In response, the father asks the youngster, "You see, do you see now the worth of your life?"


You have the ability to decide in life whether you want to be a $2 stone or a $200,000 stone; life is about where you put yourself. Certain people will adore you and consider you to be the most important thing in the world to them, while other people will treat you as if you were nothing more than a possession, and those people will find that they have no real need for you. The time has come for you to decide what your life is worth to you.

Understand your worth. Value your life and appreciate your blessings.

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