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You got to Straddle the World and Ride to Victory!

If you prepare for the Best, you might be able to get to the Perfection.

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Perhaps attaining perfection leads to not just success but also a significant amount of happiness.

  • Given the current state of affairs, what can you do to ensure that everything you undertake is wonderful?

  • If you start anything that is actually brand new, don't abandon it halfway through; instead, see it through to its conclusion.

  • Because it's your idea, no one else should be able to influence it or cause your hard work to be in vain. However, nothing you think should be completely set in stone.

  • Never allow yourself to be influenced by those who have attempted something but were unsuccessful; instead, make your convictions your weapons and focus on learning from and being motivated by people who are successful in any of their respective industries.

  • Never allow yourself to become distracted from your goals, for instance. Find or identify your advantage in light of the fact that your advantage is without a doubt, everything might be a fantastic calling. If you feel or think that you are a football player, sketcher, painter, or photographer, for example, find or distinguish your advantage.

  • You should not shy away from challenges and conflicts that are really difficult and unyielding; they will only help you become more grounded, and the drive to overcome challenges begins when you gladly embrace each demand and fight.

  • If you are not making any mistakes, then you are essentially wasting your time. Where there are no mistakes, there is no progression; therefore, be willing to make as many mistakes as you possibly can and above all learn from each and every one of your blunders. Commit a few different errors or various slip-ups, and always keep in mind that "Mistakes Are Your Best Friends Since They Never Let You Be" ;)

  • Never, under any circumstances, put your respect and admiration for yourself in jeopardy, Keep a positive attitude and always remember that "there is an answer, to each problem," and that setbacks can make you stronger. Because of this, you should never shake, stumble, or stutter because you are a marvel, and if you are confident in what the future holds, you should be able to take on anything that comes your way.

  • Do not to stop at any time, continue trying new things in a variety of sectors, remember that your age doesn't matter but your willingness to try new things does, and continually look for new ways and ideas to keep yourself active; the rest will be taken care of as it comes up.

The ultimate aspiration of humankind has always been to emerge victorious. It doesn't matter if we've prevailed in a quarrel with our elder siblings or a football game—the feeling of accomplishment is incomparably precious. On the other hand, nothing in this world is offered at no cost whatsoever. Years of labour, tenacity, and commitment are required of every person who achieves their goals successfully.

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There is no other way to ensure victory than via the offering of a sacrifice. The argument is that in order to realize one's heart's greatest desire, sacrifices need to be made, and the price that one must gladly pay to leave a mark in this world is sometimes death itself.

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To help the cycle generally continue to remind yourself that "You were conceived an original...don't pass on a duplicate," you should make sure to smooth out your daily schedule and investigate yourself before going to sleep this evening. Plant a seed in your mind about what you might want to achieve, and the further your vision will be, the more strident you will come out.

"The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire." - Richard M Nixon

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