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Feeling Low

It's never too late to start something new, to do all you've always wanted to do. — Don't push yourself too much.

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"What's the matter with me? This is insane. I should be much further forward at this stage." - Patterns

You can't help but feel like you're failing based on your age, the ultimate goal you have for your life, and the nonstop effort you're putting in. You appear to be falling behind.

You take a peek around at your friends and coworkers. Yes, completely verified. Almost everyone is leaving you in the dust.

What is the proof? They're landing the kinds of jobs you'd hoped for. Making the stuff you've been wanting to build. Basically, you're living your fantasy life - only better, quicker, and first.

Do you ever become embroiled in this very terrible idea circle? This is how it works.

You can't help but feel like you're fizzling in light of your age, a clear vision for your life, and the continual labour you're doing. You appear to be running late.

You look around at your buddies and associates. You better believe it, it's 100% confirmed. Everyone is basically leaving you in the dust.

They're receiving the kinds of engagements you'd expect. Making the kinds of things you've been crucial in making. Basically, you're keeping on with your imagined life, only better and faster.

Assuming you've ever felt that you're always in last place. All you want is a straightforward way for protecting oneself from this hazardous impassioned setting that we all seem to fall into.

A recent study discovered that when we examined the events of our friends through virtual entertainment, regardless of whether they were only tiny "helpful things," our level of jealousy and discontent with our own life increased in the minutes that followed (regardless of whether we were cheerful only minutes prior).

Social media blinders are an excellent concept in this regard.

Certain people like getting up on time and exercising exercise, which offers them a psychological and physical boost throughout the day. It's absurd how they feel more secure assuming they work out and can concentrate more efficiently cognitively - but it's real!

Furthermore, you may notice that when you do something creative first thing in the morning rather than checking email, etc.

Stop at the first sensation. I'm depressed. Allow me five minutes to be sad. Your job is to experience your grief, fear, and rage regardless of whether or not someone else is experiencing anything. Fighting it is pointless because your body is providing the sensation. If we allow the sensations to arise, they will do so in an organized manner, which empowers us. Then we are no longer victims.

You feel more helpful and nice, especially if you can perform a little composing.


Because we have this notion of a "gang of sensations," we sometimes attempt not to experience what we are experiencing. If I allow myself to be sad, it will never go away. The gang of negative emotions will overwhelm me. The truth is a sensation that passes through us. We experience it, it passes, and we go on to the next sensation. There's no gang after us. It's crazy to believe we shouldn't be grieving right now. Allow yourself to grieve and keep going.

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This Blog, where I document each bit of confirmation that where I am is just where I should be, helps me get and keep my blinders on. It's as if I'm an investigator gathering evidence that my life is great just the way it is. Find yours right away.

“Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve ever done before.” — Bonnie Blair

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