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You are Stunner of the Stunner!

You are Unstoppable.

May We All Be Unstoppable - @bevociferous
You are Stunner of the Stunner! - @bevociferous

This is the story of two children who used to live in a town; one of them was six years old, and the other was ten years old; the two of them were excellent companions, very much like Jay and Veeru in the film "Sholay"; the two of them used to be generally together, remain together, play together, and even eat together. This is the story of two children who used to live in a town; one of them was six years old, and the other was ten years

The older child, who was 10 years old, accidentally fell into a well, and began yelling and crying, and screeching resoundingly for help since he didn't have the foggiest idea how to swim, and the other child, who was 6 years old, extremely youthful and honest he began looking to a great extent yet he was unable to find him. So at some point, while they were playing, both crossed the line and left the town unwittingly, and keeping

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They comforted one another as they sobbed and talked about how fortunate they were to have escaped this. Despite their good fortune, however, they were terrified that they would be condemned by everyone once they returned to their home in the village. They were worried that people would be angry with them and upset with them when they told everyone about this incident and how one of them had fallen into the well and what all of the circumstances were that led up to it. Additionally, they were worried that people would be angry with them when they told everyone about

However, there was an elderly person in the Village who believed what the children were saying about what happened, and he abundantly accepted the children. He was one of the most astute of all elderly people men in the town, and because of this, individuals continued to investigate onto the event and said that on the off chance that he accepts the children, there may be a purpose to it. After a massive discussion on the topic, every resident who was restless about the situation left their homes.

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The elderly man smiled and said, "At this time, what will I say? The child has already depicted the true aspects regarding what and how transpired; what more will I put into it?"

Then, at that point, he answered, once again with a slight grin all over his face, "The 6 year old tossed the container into the well which was fixed with a rope, then the 10 year old snatched the can, and then he pulled the can and saved his companion, and that is all there is to it, that all occur," and he continued to smile all over his face.

Everyone started looking at each other, and then they started looking at the elderly men. The elderly men eventually spoke up, and they said, "The question isn't about how this little youngster got successful in putting forth such a major effort and saving his companion; rather, the inquiry is, "how could he be able to do that?" In addition to that, where did he obtain all of the might and strength that he possessed? In addition to that, he mentioned that there is only one answer to this particular topic.

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That is, "at the point in time when this little child did this, there was no one within miles who could have said to this young youngster, "You Cannot Do This." There was no one available at that location.

Because there was no one to tell him, "You Cannot Do This," or because the youngster "himself" in that specific position could not let himself realize that "He Cannot Do This," the entire predicament worked out positively, and everything went precisely as the child needed it to be.

"May You Be Unstoppable" - Sandeep Maheshwari

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